\Kohr - ah - tuhs\ The name Coratus is derived from the words Corroborate and Veritas [Latin: Corroborare (to confirm or strengthen) and Veritas (truth).]



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Trial Consulting strengthens the truth of your case by preparing and presenting trial evidence in a powerful, persuasive and cohesive manner. We have a unique ability to present abstract and complicated concepts in practical understandable language. At Coratus, you are guaranteed fully integrated presentations, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies including all forms of audio, video, graphics, and text. We follow these steps to maximize your results:

Discovery produces a sea of material, in a wide array of formats, from massive and detailed reports, to scribbles on a napkin. Coratus grooms the evidence to make all of your information easy-to-read, comprehend, and access, while preserving the integrity of your original materials in their native form. We collate and digitize all of this information into a consistent and organized format, in strict accordance with industry standards. We know much of your work takes place under difficult circumstances, late at night and at the last minute. Our software expertise makes it easy for you to synchronize with your entire litigation team (for arbitration, mediation, and jury trials) at anytime.
We will help you craft emotionally compelling case stories based on the evidence and in the best interests of your clients. Our dedicated staff has mastered the art of demonstrative graphics focusing on case story and theme development, including evidence and presentation training.

We produce a cohesive and compelling database of graphic presentation materials, set accurate time-lines and organize audio/video, in order to present pertinent points to corroborate or rebut testimony, and/or present new evidence. And, we provide eDiscovery certification of all of your materials.
We combine well-developed, visually demonstrative graphics, enhanced by our artists, and producers, to help litigators clearly explain the often-complex aspects of any case. We will help convey this complicated yet pertinent information, in a tangible and engaging manner. A presentation by Coratus is guaranteed to be appropriately impartial, but none-the-less, persuasive and beneficial to your case.

Even when all materials are meticulously organized with a well-developed and persuasive story, and our industry-leading graphics, our presentations are still agile enough to seamlessly and professionally incorporate real-time changes in the courtroom.

Our presentations have been praised as an honor to the legal process itself. Praise we continue to earn with every case.
You've spent countless hours refining your case into one final presentation. And with a little help from Coratus, your audience enjoys a moment of clarity when the entangled facts of your case are unwound in a straightforward presentation. Now doesn't this sound good?

If it is midnight and your case starts tomorrow, stop worrying and call us. Whatever step you're on in the often complicated and challenging process of litigation, let us help: We are your Trial Consulting Response Team.
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